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So secretly who doesn’t like playing tourist?  We never seem to get the chance to truly enjoy the sights, history and events that our city offers us because we are busy photographing peoples lives, playing with our dogs, and running our business.  This lack of sight seeing is not a reflection upon San Diego, Brett and I haven’t taken advantage of any city we have lived in.

So I can’t begin to tell you how happy I get when friends come into town to stay with us.  It’s the perfect excuse for us to go rent those silly little yellow GoCars, or tour the Maritime Museum, take the Old Town Trolly tour, or maybe kayak out from La Jolla Shores.  When a couple of our favorite friends,  Anthony and Cassie  rolled into town with 2 beach cruisers hanging out of their truck bed I got giddy with excitement.  Our poor bikes sit in back yard most of the time waiting someone to come along and give us an excuse to take them out.  (I promise we would ride them more if we didn’t on a series of seriously steep hills).  Bird Rock Coffee Roasters was our first stop on the bikes and once we were properly loaded up with caffeine we headed down to Mission Bay to start our adventurous weekend.  We navigated the alleyways of Pacific Beach until we reached the peacefulness of the bay.  Somewhere along the way to took a wrong turn and attempted riding our bikes through the sand.  Some of us were more successful at this than others.

Day 2 of Anthony and Cassie’s stay brought us to the Point Loma lighthouse.  I hate to admit that I was so young the last time I visited the lighthouse that I don’t actually remember it, at all.   Yeah I’m starting to think Brett and I need to play tourist more often.  The tide pools around the lighthouse are beautiful and the cliffside landscape reminds me of spots along the Oregon Coast.  We took a self guided tour of the lighthouse (all of 5 minutes) somehow I always seem to forget how small old lighthouses can be.  The look so much bigger from the outside.

Yep  Brett and I love adventuring in our town!

our adventure shoes!

It’s not an adventure with us without a detour for coffee

Brett’s itty bitty espresso next to my latte

I'm starting to think I travel everywhere with coffee.

                                                                                                                           um wrong turn???

My kick stand was the least effective of our 4 bikes, but it didn’t stop me from repeatedly trying to get it to stand up in the sand. I would get it balanced, walk away and turn around as it would topple over.  Below we documented all my attempts.

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Now I’m going to admit that I am not usually much of a cryer but the love between theses two beautiful individuals and their two extraordinary families brought water to my eyes a few times.  Brett and I both feel so lucky to have been a part of Jessie and Courtney’s wedding day.  Here are just a few sneak peeks and we can’t wait to share more from their incredible weekend.  Enjoy!

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Ian and Abby rolled up in their wedding attire freshly pressed, a little pink in the cheeks from all the attention they were getting.  A pristine 1959 Eldorado Biarritz will do that to you.  Ian’s family personally restored the Biarritz to tip top show condition and it was the perfect addition to their rock the dress session.

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We were quite excited to take part in the upscale Wedding Party Bridal Show held at The Omni hotel this spring.  It is always fun to plan and design our booth, from ordering new prints to actually building collapsable walls (Brett does the building).  I actually enjoy attempting to build things but it always seems to end the same way with Brett shaking his head and chuckling at my poorly engineered contraption.  He then has to step in and probably spend more time fixing than it would take him to build from scratch.  But I have him beat hands down when it comes to crafting skills.

The Bridal show was an exciting day.  We met a lot of really great couples and loved having the time to chat with them.  I think meeting new people is one of Brett’s favorite aspect of theses kinds of shows.

Our booth was right across from Seaside Papery and we absolutely LOVED their set up.  It was just so colorful and their invitations are so elegant and tasteful.  I so wanted to take their little striped tent home with me.  Wouldn’t that just be amazing at the beach. One of my favorite parts of their booth set up was the letter press wedding cake.
Super cute wedding favor boxes in all shapes, sizes and colors.  Now I just need to finde more excuses to package little tiny things.  Hum.We were in awe of all the detail Andrea from A Diamond Celebration put into her inspiration tablescape featured in the Bridal Bar section of the show.Vintage style china is stealing my heart at the moment.Loved the pink and white rose bouquet that matched this elegant table set up.  Michael and Denise have some seriously fun props for the Foto Box, and I have to admit that I have major mustache on a stick envy.Loved Alicia’s beautiful booth for Younique Weddings.San Diego Candy Buffet had two really cute table set ups.  

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