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We were inspired a few months ago to plant some little artichoke plants.  They have grown far larger and faster than we ever anticipated.  Still high on the success from our artichokes we attacked a larger section of abandoned flower bed in our yard.  For fun we decided not to go with the traditional garden boxes but just plant everything together.  This way our vegetables can grow up looking at pretty flowers.  For this season we acquired a variety of tomato plants including my favorite Early Girls.  Brett is pretty excited about our strawberry plants and  made it his personal mission to plant them all, making little mounds for each one.  Now we just have to devise a plan to keep the dogs from snacking on our strawberries before we get the chance to harvest them.  Our pack of little dogs can be such sneaky  little thieves.  Last year we had to fence in our tomato plants because Kita kept eating all the ripe tomatoes off the vines.  At least she was the only one getting caught with tomato all over her face.

Our next gardening mission should we choose to accept it will be growing cucumbers from seed.  Let the green thumb challenge begin!Pin ImagePin ImagePin ImagePin ImagePin Image

I can’t wait for our Early Girl tomato  plants to grow up.  We plated some last year and were rewarded with delicious tomatoes for months.
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The dogs tried their best to help us in the only way they seem to know how by laying in our way, walking through the newly tilled dirt, and sniffing all the flowers.Pin ImagePin ImagePin Image

Dinosaur KalePin ImagePin Image

So I thought theses fuzzy white little plants were going to grow into low lying shrubbery, but after planting this one I was informed by experienced gardeners that they turn into rather large bushes.  I may have to rethink where I planted theses little guys  so they don’t overtake the strawberries or even the stone lions.
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Maggie kept sleeping in strange places.
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Grow little flowers grow!

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