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Meet Brett & Liz

We wanted to share our Wedding video with you because we feel it gives you a good feel for who we are. On a side note we had a small destination wedding in Scotland on a hillside overlooking a castle and only a handful of our friends and family could make it.  So when we returned state side we organized a slightly larger beach ceremony for the rest of our favorite people and put on a fun house party.  Sadly we were unable to bring our amazing videographer to Scotland with us because it was just too short notice,  but he managed to make it for the beach wedding.  So enjoy!

We are Brett and Liz, Husband and Wife as well as professional photography duo of Siegel Thurston Photography

What is our story?  Well Brett and I truly are college sweet hearts.  He loves to tell everyone that we met at a bar, but really my awesome roommate set us up.  She kept telling me about her friend Brett, how he had this old vintage car, and how much fun he was. You would have to ask Brett what she she told him about me, but we finally met one night at one of the local college hangouts.

Well I asked him for a ride in his Vintage Cadillac and he suggested wine tasting.  But when he came to pick me up my roommate hopped in the car with us because I didn’t realize it was a date.  Well the 3 of us had a great time in the hills of Santa Barbara making our way from vineyard to vineyard.  Brett and I kept in touch and after winter break we became inseparable.  Our first two years together were spent working side by side on photo projects for class, going dancing with our friends on the weekends, and traveling where ever we could on our breaks.

We are proud graduates of Brooks Institute of Photography

We started photographing weddings together while we were in college, and after graduation decided we enjoyed working with our couples so much that we decided to turn it into a full time career.  Here we are 7 years later, splitting our time between San Diego where I grew up and Phoenix where Brett lived for 9 years.  When we aren’t shooting or editing you can find us rocking around town on our scooters, walking with our dogs or sitting down to watch a good movie.

Some quirky things about us:

We are total dog lovers!

You know those people that include their dogs in their christmas photo and maybe just maybe put little hats on them…. Yep that us.

We are not morning people.

Which is probably why we LOVE coffee so much.  Brett is becoming an expert at all things cappuccino.

I caught Knitting fever 2 years ago and make hats in my spare time.

Brett collects vintage cameras, and sometimes shoots with them for fun.

Brett was an eagle scout and I rode horses seriously for 10 years.

I’m the introvert and Brett is the extrovert.

But I’m a great listener.

We try to take one epic road trip each year… it always reminds us why we love one another so much.

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