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Some call it a Trash the Dress we prefer the term Rock the Dress because most of the time your not destroying the dress or getting it any dirtier than it did on the wedding day.  When we do a destination wedding something we like to work into the weekend is a Rock the Dress the day after the wedding.  Most of the time we prescout amazing locations, the Bride  has the opportunity to put her dress back on for one more day and the groom might wear his wedding day formals or dress a little more comfortably and we head out for some truly incredible portraits.

Andrea and Trent destinationed to Nebraska for a beautiful barn wedding and the next day we hit up Gene Leahy Mall in downtown Omaha for some fun portraits. Dont’ let the name deceive you it’s, a lovely little stream way surrounded by trees and banks of grass.

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One of the things we love about working with Chad and Jenna is how unique and daring  a couple they are.  A little over a year ago they had us lowly San Diego wedding photographers travel with them to shoot their romantic and truly amazing engagement shoot at the Havasupai Waterfalls in the Grand Canyon.  Here we all are a year later and this wonderful couple asked us to create one of the most amazing Trash the Dress sessions we have done thus far.   We joined them the day following their beautiful backyard wedding ceremony outside of Phoenix Arizona. The four of us caravanned our way back to San Diego where they were they were to be Honeymooning.  Along the route we stopped at Junkyards in Gila bend, abandoned Hotels, roads leading to nowhere, enormous stacks of hay bales, and ended our photo adventure at the Buttercup Sand Dunes just outside of Yuma Arizona.  These two gave us an entire day of in and out of the car and were up for anything.

“Want to explore these old busses?”  Sure!

“Want a leg up onto those hay bales?”  Sure!

“Lets head up to the top of those dunes”  You bet!

“Quick run after that train!”

And they were so happy to do it all.  This was one of those shoots where everything went right and mother nature gave us everything we needed.  Enjoy

In Gila Bend we were fortunate enough to make friends with the nice owners of a junk yard.  Not only did they allow us to climb around in their old busses and snap away photos but they pulled out their classic 1955 Chevy Bel Air just for Chad and Jenna.
Classic cars just seem to add this extra romance to any photo shoot, especially when it’s a pink convertible.
It is hard to choose a favorite moment or location from this Trash the Dress but I would have to say that the Imperial Sand Dunes might just win out.“Race ya!”

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Ian and Abby rolled up in their wedding attire freshly pressed, a little pink in the cheeks from all the attention they were getting.  A pristine 1959 Eldorado Biarritz will do that to you.  Ian’s family personally restored the Biarritz to tip top show condition and it was the perfect addition to their rock the dress session.

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These two love birds got ahold of us to shoot their engagement shoot and came back for a rock the dress session.  They got married on the beach in the Dominican Republic but also wanted some fun shots near where they live in Arizona.  Shawna didn’t want anything to happen to her beautiful wedding dress but she still wanted to play around in the grassy fields we found so she opted to bring a more casual fun dress she didn’t have to worry about.  Thanks Guys, we had a great day, and you two looked fantastic!

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