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I will find any excuse to wear rain boots and walk in puddles.  From my perspective San Diego only gets about 5 rainy days a year (not nearly enough if you ask me).  Yet I own 2 pairs of rain boots and about 10 different umbrellas.  Mostly because we have found ourselves somewhere other than San Diego when it’s raining and havent thought to bring an umbrella.  Each of our umbrellas is different and reminds me of  whatever trip we were on where we had to purchase it.  My  yellow umbrella reminds me of our october Nebraska road trip.  My favorite striped umbrella always makes me think of Paris.  I purchased it at a little corner market when it began to pour one afternoon.

I was thoroughly excited on Tuesday when the weather man forecasted rain all day.  The sky got dark and stormy but no rain really came until late afternoon.  At 4:30 it started coming down and I ran into our closet for my rain boots all the while yelling for Brett to put his shoes on so we could venture out.   By the time we made it the 5 minute drive into Down Town La Jolla the rain was more of a light mist.  But the air had that wonderful smell after fresh rain and we still strolled arm in arm down the wet sidewalks.  This time of year the white flowers on the Oriental Pear Trees around town are in full bloom.  We had to stop to enjoy their beauty and watch the wind steal petals and blow them playfully.

Yes we shoot with our vintage Polaroid.  But it also makes a good prop.   I’m trying to carry it with me and shoot with it often.  A current side project of ours is testing with Polaroid emulsion transfers and lifts.  I’ll let you know how that goes.  On our way back home it seemed a must to drive by our local Windansea Beach to take a peak at what the storm was doing to the ocean.  It was certainly worth the slight detour.  The clouds were ominous and amazing.  A small strip of sky on the horizon was clear and the sun managed to blaze through.

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As far as La Jolla Wedding venues go, the UCSD Faculty Club is a truly unique and beautiful place.  It is tucked back on the expansive campus surrounded by outdoor art instillations and groves of eucalyptus trees.  The Faculty Club hosts several ways for couples to have their ceremony and reception, whether it be an outdoor lawn occasion or indoor formal.  Kian and Stephanie had their wedding ceremony in the club’s lovely courtyard.  A beautiful wooden pergola covers the courtyard and young grape vines are just starting to fill in and drape down from above, creating an extra touch of romance.  Kian and Stephanie wanted to spend as much time as possible with their friends and family so they planned a first look into their day.  The eucalyptus trees surrounding the venu created the perfect setting for Kian to see Stephanie in her dress for the first time.  The wedding party then joined us for some fun portraits around the iconic UCSD library.

The ceremony was truly special and unique involving friends and family members for different aspects of it.  Kian’s best friend got ordained for a day so that he could marry them.  Then at the end of the ceremony Kian’s sister did a reading and explained to all the guests about the Persian part of the ceremony as Kian and Stephanie went through each step.  It was beautiful to watch theses two special people come together.

Thank You Kian and Stephanie for including us in your amazing day!

Our Awesome Fellow Venders who helped to make this happen.
Hair Ya Go!
Rikki Lee Tieman
Make-up Artistry by Gale
Gale Alexander
Getting Ready Location:
Courtyard Marriott-Solana Beach
717 South Highway 101
Solana Beach, CA 92075
Venue: UCSD
Julia Engstrom
9500 Gilman Drive,
La Jolla CA 92093
Flowers: Cherry Blossom
Kiyoko Ando
Cake: Cute Cakes
Jill Reilly
DJ: Matty Mac
Matt Machler


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Some call it a Trash the Dress we prefer the term Rock the Dress because most of the time your not destroying the dress or getting it any dirtier than it did on the wedding day.  When we do a destination wedding something we like to work into the weekend is a Rock the Dress the day after the wedding.  Most of the time we prescout amazing locations, the Bride  has the opportunity to put her dress back on for one more day and the groom might wear his wedding day formals or dress a little more comfortably and we head out for some truly incredible portraits.

Andrea and Trent destinationed to Nebraska for a beautiful barn wedding and the next day we hit up Gene Leahy Mall in downtown Omaha for some fun portraits. Dont’ let the name deceive you it’s, a lovely little stream way surrounded by trees and banks of grass.

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Evan and Megan are on a roll planning their wedding.

Location picked out – CHECK

Plane Tickets booked – CHECK

Engagement Shoot done – CHECK

Save the Dates – (Megan is on it!)

These two love birds are scooting off to Playa Del Carmen in October for a super romantic wedding on the beach surrounded by crystal blue waters.  We just love the idea of destination weddings with close friends and family along for a week of travel, play and fun!

To kick of their october beach wedding they made the 6 hour drive from Arizona out to San Diego for some La Jolla style engagement photos.  The winter weather was brisk but the tide was way out at the shores giving us the run of the beach, and the opportunity for some beautiful silhouettes.  We had a little extra time with these two and hit up one of our favorite little groves of eucalyptus trees for some cute photos.

Evan and Megan we had so much fun with you both!  Thanks for coming to our neck of the woods for an incredible shoot.

La Jolla beach weather can be finicky sometimes, but Evan and Megan lucked out with a rather beautiful sunset.  The beach also favored us with the gift of a heart shaped sea shell that Megan’s ring fit perfectly inside of making for one of our favorite photographs.

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