Move over Easter Bunny here comes a BunnyRussell!

We love spring time and Easter, a day full of those little candie speckled eggs (you know there’s that one the kids didn’t find that will appear around Thanksgiving), we also love mimosas, intoxicated family members, laughing energetic children, followed by sleeping children, and a day full of new memories for next years stories!  We don’t have any children yet and won’t for a couple of years so our 3 little doggies fill that roll quite well.  There was no hiding of chocolate eggs this year because Maggie already had an Easter incident with to much chocolate and a trip to the emergency vet many years ago.  Instead she put on her little home made bunny ears and cotton tale and sat around the kitchen while we made easter brunch. She sure made a cute Bunny-Russell! We hope everyone had a fantastic Easter this year!

“MMMmmm I know you wanna drop some tidbits for me!”


Polo Ponies at Rest

We are working with the San Diego Polo Club on some photos for their magazine this year.  As part of our collaboration with them we got the opportunity to head out to Palm Springs and photograph some of the Players that will be making an appearance this summer for the San Diego Season.  We can’t show those photos until after the San Diego Polo Magazine has released so keep checking back over the next couple months for polo updates and new photos.  We did capture some of the polo Ponies at rest before we left Palm Springs.  Check out theses beautiful creatures and come see them play this season on the lush fields of the SD polo club.

This guy was cute just peaking around his stall at me

I love little velvet horse noses!



Emma is a very sweet little calico kitty.  She is a product of the rescue world, and is one of the lucky one to have found her forever home.  She spent the first couple of years of her new life hiding in the bedroom but now has the run of the house.


Pizza Port OB and their Pet Friendly Patio

We love our motley pack of mutts so  much that we are constantly on the look out for pet friendly restaurants in San Diego.  Our most recent excursion was to Pizza Port in Ocean Beach where your well behaved pet is allowed on their small patio.  The only access to the patio is through the restaurant so we had to pass Maggie over the patio fence.  She of course then managed to keep slipping out under the fence and greeting people on the sidewalk.  We ordered Beer Buddies and a dozen spicy wings, and enjoyed people watching with Maggie on the patio.

Brett got a Japanese Beer by Hitachino Nest, the White Ale

Mmmmm.. Beer Buddies on the right

Maggie wishes she was getting some of our food.

This is the point when Maggie kept wandering under the fence and greeting everyone walking by.

Our long slow walk back to the car... Maggie had to stop and smell everything.

Roxy - The last shot of maggie is adorable!

Siegel Thurston - Isn’t she just the best! I think she is my favorite of our little pack!