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Yearly Archives: 2011

A rustic inspired christmas party

Ashley Miller with Hall Events put on a beautiful rustic inspired christmas party and we were so excited to join in the fun.   Ashley created beautiful table decorations from wine bottles and yarn

Liz & Brett’s 1980’s Flash Back Christmas Cards!

Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah everyone!  Last year’s holiday cards were fake mustaches and goofy glasses.  This year Brett decided to rock his own mustache and I had to up the stakes with

Jesse & Courtney’s Silver Strand Engagement

We love shooting engagements but are rarely privilege to take part in that moment when a man asks his one and true love to become his co-pilot on the adventure we call life.  So we were incredibly

Jesse & Courtney’s Sailboat Engagement Part II

The first part of our sailing adventure was topped with Jesse and Courtney’s proposal, which went off smashingly.  The second half of the trip became photo time!  Captain Robert was just

Hudson’s Fall Blogger Event 2011

Our long time friend and local fashion blogger Nacole Gray was hand chosen by Hudson Jeans to participate in their Fall Blogger Event Competition.  She along with several other fashion bloggers

Nothing brings joy like a radio flyer

Last time we saw Charlie he was showing off his stellar wooden Radio Flyer Tiny Trike, and I’m pretty sure he got that little 4 wheeled flyer going speeds even the guinness world records would

George & Susan- New Port Bay Engagement Shoot Part II

Susan and George, aside from bringing their wonderful horse along on their engagement shoot, found us a very special place for their photo session, The Newport Bay Conservancy or the Back Bay is it

George Susan and Spiderman

We love to encourage couples we work with to bring props with them on their engagement shoot.  It might be a favorite board game or a special blanket made by a family member.  Well, George and Susan

Ian & Abby – McCormick Ranch Golf Club Ceremony [partII]

Ian and Abby timed their ceremony to start just as the sun began to set on the beautiful McCormick Ranch Golf Course.  The warm Arizona day dropped down to the perfect temperature for everyone to

Ian & Abby -First Look, McCormick Ranch Golf Club, Scottsdale AZ

We walked in to the Presidential suite loaded down with our gear ready for the hustle and bustle of the long anticipated day.  What we found was so much better.  Abby and her close knit family

7 month old dinosaurs are pretty cute

The anticipation and preparation for Halloween always started months in advance in our family, when my grandmother would come over and ask us what we wanted to dress up as and then proceed to work

Kate and Kyo’s Rock the Dress, Portland OR

Kate and Kyo knew they weren’t going to have a lot of time on their wedding day for their portraits and wanted to maximize the time we had for photos with their family and the wedding party.