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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Bill & Crystal’s Fun Booth!

What could be better than Mustaches and a Fun booth?  We found these cool doors at Bill and Crystals reception. Set up some lights, and Broke out the moustaches.  As you can see we had a great time

Crystal & Bill’s Wedding [part 1]

Crystal and Bill united their love early on the lovely October morning dating 10-10-10.  We had never been booked for a date so far in advance.  But what a day.  The sun was shining,  Crystal looked

3 Things We love About Rain

In La Jolla it has been a very wet and dreary October so far. This is very uncharacteristic for San Diego. Usually this time of year we are still wearing our bathing suits and enjoying the sun us as

Any Excuse to Wear Rain Boots

Here are some fun pics that Maggie and I took the last time it rained…. On this wonderfully wet day, I pulled on my rain boots, dressed Maggie in a sweater and dragged Brett out for some