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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Our Valentine’s Day Sleigh Ride

This year we spent Valentine’s Day in one of the coldest places Brett and I have ever been, Bemidji Minnesota!  We got really lucky too, it’s usually  negative 20 degrees

Mr.Bob Cat

This cute little Persian popped into the lives of Roxie and Scottie only 2 weeks ago. When they first laid eyes on this little fuzzball, it was love at first site. We were so excited to come by and

Disneyland= free ticket on your birthday, the opportunity to act 5 at any age, and going world record speeds in a teacup.

So for my birthday last October I decided that all I wanted to do was go to Disneyland.  It had been years sense I had been and what better reason to go than FREE ticket on your birthday!  So I

Vinyl, the T-bird, and a rocking hat collection!

We hooked up with Taylor Golonka for a shoot and came up with some really great shots. Taylor is a music producer in Hollywood. We based the photo shoot around his rocking 60’s T-Bird, and for